Why Nattapong Golf?

Over 20 years’ experience, proven track record includes Junior International of Thailand Golf Team, Amateur International of Thailand Golf Team until one of top twenty ranking in Thailand PGA Tour (Ranking by TPC Order of Merit Golf Circuit Point Ranking 2005 and 2006, Professional Golf Association of Thailand)

Currently, he is a member of Thailand professional golfers association (TPGA), experiencing on Asian Tour, Malaysian tour and Thailand PGA tour.

What we believe is good golf practice factor in by qualified golf instructor with his tournament experience.

The players will learn how the golfer should react on immediate problem on the game. The tournament golfer can tell you the tactic how good golfer should practice in order to improve the game as he has experienced on how himself continuously keep the track on his ranking and performance.

As golf game has so many different factors in every time you play ; Wind, Barrier, Bunker even Other players behavior. That is all the challenging of “Golf”.

You will be more appreciated if your golf instructor will be able to detail on what will happen the real game in the moment of tournament.

Intense experience of instructor, Pro. Nattapong could enhance your perspective how to handle the game and following things;

  • Basic Right Swing
  • Shot by Shot Decision
  • The moment of turning you into good memory orturning you down
  • The way to think and shape up your mind
  • International Rule and Regulation
  • How you cope

We believe that Golf is not difficult to everyone; we can develop your action possibility to the highest level. Practice in driving range is not enough anymore, real experience from your golf instructor will be one of important factor to get you in the game.

To enhance the quality of golf learning, we prepare ;
  • Computer Analysis on your swing
  • VCD Documentation
  • Technical sheet
  • Teaching Edge

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