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Q : How armature beginner golfer could improve the score i.e.; below 100?

A : Pro.Boy’s Tips - Many golfers regularly practice only the Tee shot (Driving) or Fairway shot, most of them always skip the short game.

Beginner should realize that the short game (Chip, Putt, Bunker shot) represents more than 60% of total score. This is the most important of the golf game.

If your tee shot and fairway shot is not perfect, please do not worry!

The way to improve overall score is focusing and practice more on the short game. When you play well on the shot game, this will automatically reduce the error of the game and improve your score.

Q: Driver, Iron, Putter – which one that amateur golfer should concentrate?

A : Pro.Boy’s Tips - please remember that Putting is the heart of game. Therefore, please concentrate a lot on Putting.

Q: Why some golfer doing well on the driving range but it is not guarantee the good performance in the real game?

A : Pro.Boy’s Tips – The answer is Golf is the mental game. That is why Golf is so challenge and attractive.

Playing Golf is not only the practice for muscle, but “Emotional Control” is very important. Neutral feeling should be set up since the first tee-off to last shot of the day. Please do not panic or even excited and over expectation about yourself. Every time after finish the game, golfer should record on the statistic of the game i.e. how many the “regular on”, the fair way hit, putting. These can improve your game score and enhance the improvement in the right area.

In addition from mental game, On the PGA competition, Tournament Players will usually plan about next tournament, which this called “Course Management”.

Before the tournament, Tournament players will study thier current record from Driving, Regular On, Putting, Lay out and Pin Position. All of these are the art of Golf, which is very complicated and challenge factors.

Q : From Pro.Nattapong’s point of view about Beginner, Which way is appropriate for starting to play golf between 1.) Practice by himself or 2.)Learning from Pro. Is there any Pro.&Con. Between these?

A : Pro.Boy’s Tips - For all beginners, you should better take the golf lesson from Professional Golfer.

The main reason is that there is high potential of bodily injury from the wrong practice. In addition, when you practice with the wrong swing mechanic, your muscle will automatically record the wrong lesson.

This is very difficult for adjusting in correct posture in Future.

Q : What is the general problem for the Amateur golfer (handicap range 18-24)?

A : Pro.Boy’s Tips - I found that Amateur try to over force the down swing, then they will normally get hurt on back and arm pain.

Tips is golfer should start the down swing with utilizing only 10% of total body weight. Increasing to 50% when the swing moves to your right leg. The highest 80% will be used when impact the golf ball. (See picture)

Q: Technique to improve your drive (Increase Club Head speed)

**Wining Lipo Thailand Longest Drive Contest 1999 – 310 Yards**

A : Pro. Boy’s Tips - First of all the golfer need to get the swing analysis. Combination below is required for perfect driving.

1. Correct Grip will lead to perfect swing. The grip must represent to the pressure toward the left hand which consists of Middle Finger, Ring Finger, and Little Finger for good tempo and timing.

2. The golf equipment should be matched with the character of the golfer; Loft, Total weight, Swing weight, Torque and etc.

3. Physical body: The golfer should practice weight training regularly. When your muscle is strong, it will be benefit for your swing, your club head speed will be improved.

However this is just overall and general idea. Driving game is very sensitive and so technically. For further detail on individual basis, please contact us for tailor made the course in order to compatible with the characteristic of your swing.

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